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paul hedley

"I keep painting because I can't imagine not doing it." Paul Hedley.

Paul Hedley has been painting ever since he can remember, although Paul's style has changed and developed over the years. Paul Hedley was fortunate to have studied at Medway and Maidstone Art Colleges, where he received a thorough grounding in traditional techniques of drawing and painting. With life and art inextricably linked, Paul Hedley paints with compulsion, subtly influenced by his environment and daily experiences.  He has always admired the work of the great French painters Edgar Degas and Édouard Vuillard and their influence can be detected, to some extent, in his current subject matter of figures in interiors. Paul is technically masterful as a painter and draughtsman; he works with a limited palette of colours thereby allowing him to emphasis tonal values and relationships within the painting. His paintings are emotionally uncomplicated and unpretentious; they are a distillation of a moment in time. As Degas wrote ‘Art does not reach out. It sums up.’ 
Paul likes to work in natural light, from sketches and photos often listening to classical music.  He starts by creating numerous preliminary sketches and when he is happy he starts to lay in tone and colour, generally working in acrylic on canvas.  His drawings are produced in a ‘classical’ manner on a toned ground in chalks often combined with watercolour and gouache.   Paul lived in France for a number of years and currently lives in the south west of England.  He is married to the artist Dianne Flynn. Paul has paintings and drawings in numerous private collections and has exhibited throughout the country; he currently exhibits in London, the Cotswolds, Yorkshire and New Zealand.

Paul Hedley : Apres Midi
Paul Hedley : Andante

Paul Hedley : Apres Midi
Apres Midi






Paul Hedley : Etude

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Paul Hedley : Reflection

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