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iain faulkner

Iain Faulkner was born in Glasgow in 1973 where he was raised and educated. He graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1996 with a BA (Honours) Degree in Fine Art. From the onset of his professional career, the fashionable and trendy routes of contemporary and conceptual art, adopted by many of his peers, was not an option. He chose instead to follow the more difficult and demanding path of figurative painting wherein clear, concise yardsticks of competence, draughtsmanship and painterly skills can be measured and judged, warts and all.
At the age of twenty-nine, the result of his endeavours during his relatively short career has brought a considerable measure of success with his last four shows in London and New York selling out which is clearly indicative of the public's appreciation and interest in his work.
Faulkner's paintings are concerned with the portrayal of strong and powerful images relying on visual impact as there is rarely any narrative. They are about capturing calm and contemplative moments, intimate exchanges, solitude, sometimes melancholy, heightened in their resonance by the use of chiaroscuro.
Faulkner's use of this technique gives a stark contrast between the light source and the often dark tonality found in his paintings. There is a stillness in the everyday themes which conveys a sense of inner-reflection. This is accentuated by the formality of his young self-engrossed characters and emphasised by the light and shadows reinforcing their emotional detachment.
His charcoal drawings, included for the first time in a Faulkner show, are testament to his draughtsmanship; his awareness and acknowledgement of the prime importance of drawing and control of tone and to the peeling back of layers of paint thus revealing an insight into his creative process.

Morning Coffee - Iain Faulkner - Artist - Prints
Morning Coffee

Iain Faulkner
Sold Out
Iain Faulkner : Reunion
Iain Faulkner : London Evening
London Evening

Iain Faulkner : NY View
NY View
Iain Faulkner : Travel Writer
Travel Writer
Iain Faulkner : Horizon

Edition sold out
Iain Faulkner : Auction Day
Auction Day

Iain Faulkner : Exposure
Iain Faulkner : Flow
Iain Faulkner : Contemplating Return
Contemplating Return
Edition sold out
Rendezvous : Iain Faulkner
Summoned II : Iain Faulkner
Summoned II

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Scorecard : Iain Faulkner

Edition sold out
NY Toast : Iain Faulkner
NY Toast

Edition sold out

Afloat (Riva) : Iain Faulkner
Afloat (Riva)

Sold Out

Solitude : Iain Faulkner
Iain Faulkner - Adrift

Sold Out
Iain Faulkner - Gathering

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Number 6/15
Iain Faulkner - Moon River
Moon River
Sold Out

Iain Faulkner - Throwing Stones
Throwing Stones
Sold Out

Iain Faulkner - Approaching Storm
Approaching Storm
Sold out

Take five : Iain Faulkner
Take Five

Sold Out

Reflection, Seamill : Iain Faulkner
Reflection, Seamill
Sold Out
Iain Faulkner - Wanderer
Iain Faulkner - Beach

Sold Out
Adrift : Iain Faulkner
Adrift II

Sold Out
Iain Faulkner - The 19th
The 19th

Sold Out

Iain Faulkner - Final Viewing
Final Viewing
Sold Out
Iain Faulkner - Poker Night
Poker Night

Iain Faulkner - Artist Prints - A Good Round
A Good Round
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Iain Faulkner - Artist Prints - Final Note
Final Note
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Iain Faulkner - Artist Prints - Sunset

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Coffee Break - Iain Faulkner - Artist - Prints
Coffee Break
Library 1 - Iain Faulkner - Artist - Prints
Library 1

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Artist Proof print in stock
Romantic Lunch - Iain Faulkner - Artist - Prints
Romantic Lunch
Iain Faulkner - Turin I
Turin I
Sold Out
Iain Faulkner Around Midnight
Around Midnight
Sold Out
Iain Faulkner Atlantic Echo II
Atlantic Echo II
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Iain Faulkner Back I
Back I

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Iain Faulkner - Morning Light
Morning Light

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We have a signed and numbered
Artist Proof print in stock
Iain Faulkner - Bookstore
Sold Out
Iain Faulkner - Day Trip
Day Trip
Sold Out
Iain Faulkner - Falconer, Loch Etive
Falconer, Loch Etive
Iain Faulkner - In from the Storm
In From The Storm
Sold Out
Iain Faulkner - Lake Como
Lake Como
Sold Out
Iain Faulkner - Loch Eck
Loch Eck
Sold Out
Iain Faulkner - Muse
Sold Out

  Iaian Faulkner - Reflection with Madame X
Reflection with Madame X
Sold Out
Iain Faulkner - Serenade
Sold Out
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